Maps of England

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Self Catering Cottages Lake District - Lakeland Hideaways provide first class self catering cottages in and around the Hawkshead area of the English Lake District.

Outdoor Adventure Breaks and Holidays in Aviemore, Scotland, UK - Glenmore Lodge is Scotland's leading activity break and adventure specialist. They offer everything from kayaking to mountaineering, for beginners to trainee instructors.

Photos of Scotland - Birchbrae's excellent photo gallery of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands!

Maps of Northern Ireland

Map of Antrim
Map of Armagh
Map of Down
Map of Fermanagh
Map of Londonderry
Map of Tyrone


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Ireland Maps - Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Northern Ireland Tourist Board - Official site for useful tourism information

Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Northern Ireland Government WWW Server

Northern Ireland Information Centre

Northern Ireland on the Internet

Official Guide to Northern Ireland - Well designed guide to the country and its offerings for the traveler. Includes links to all subjects and Northern Ireland browser page. We recommend you start here to explore Northern Ireland.

Tourist Guide to Northern Ireland